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You sell, I buy, I sell loh!

so there's this buyer, who seems really nice and all, always buy stuffs from me, payment in time and all.

but then, until I saw this blogshop, selling all stated BRAND NEW clothes, all the exact clothes I sold to this buyer! maybe it's just coincidence laa, but all the measurements stated there also same as mine! it's like totally copy paste from my blog! only the photos are self took by her. and the price is mark up WAY WAY higher than mine! ie: i sold this dress to this girl for RM40. she selling for RM60! and stated there EXCLUSIVE NOT RESTOCKABLE, FROM OVERSEAS!

WTH? and i can recognize her because i've COD with her once, and her photos are her wearing sunglasses. so i emailed her asking her to clarify, may sound a bit ke poh but yeah, it's really unfair for the other buyers. :(

Me: hey babe, i notice you are the girl that bought from me all the clothes, and you're selling it in your blog as brand new items and price is so much more expensive. it's really unfair to the buyers!

Girl: Why do you care! You sell, I buy, I sell loh! dont so busy body and disturb my business.

..... speechless.


  1. One of my return customer, bought my bags, and 'stole' my photo (my photo have watermarks too), and put on her blogshop, exactly same description too!!! After i found that she has been doing this for quite some while too. And i refuse to sell her my bags (she still have pending payment for few bags), but claimed at her blogshop that she have just restocked few qtys, and yea, her price is expensive than mine around 30%. I am darn pissed about she using my photo and all the description. She even lazy to took her own photo!
    If buyer, you want to make extra pocket money, put yr own effort by taking yr own photo, descriptions, and get the stock yrself!!

  2. zomg! I sooo wanna know who that is! I'm afraid of getting 240710247201 spam emails (especially from unethical blogshops. Grrr!) so could you leave a msg on my tagbox in my blog instead? Thank you!

    it's btw

  3. I agree with the buyer. Once she buys from you, she can do whatever she wants with it. Burn it, rip it, or sell it. And she gets to set the price. What nonsense about it being not fair to other buyers? If they are willing to pay that amount to get the item ,it's their business la.
    She even models the items herself. She didn't steal the pics from you. I dunno what are you complaining about.
    Actually, you can look at it as being her supplier. This way you can sell even more. Ppl like you are so short sighted and don't see the long run business potential. tsk tsk tsk

  4. That is just plain rude man. Seriously.

  5. to all the agitated sellers: why get so worked up? you already earned your share from those buyers what. you're not selling all your stuff without profits as a favor to them. so i don't get what's the big deal if they use your photos and whatever to place in their blogs. unless they're totally ripping off your site without purchasing from you, then i think you're right to be angry. otherwise, why get so uptight over these little things? think about it. they're even repeat buyers. funny la you guys.

  6. yes yes. i agree so strongly with Carly and last anony. Y get so worked up lar? Its not even a BIG deal!

  7. Totally agree wit Carly, whats the big deal? She can do whatever she wants with the bags she PURCHASED from you. What is there to complaint? YOU SHOULD THANK HER INSTEAD!

  8. Hey all,

    Reading the comments, I have this experience and wondering whether I should be concerned or not?

    I have blogshop selling preloved clothes, clothes I can't fit and won't wear anymore. There are few sellers who buy from me, who are mostly selling preloved clothes too. I chanced upon their blogshops few times, and noticed they were re-selling the preloved clothes I sold to them with much higher prices (50-70%) and they didn't state the clothes were bought from another blogshop. Worse still, some of them stated the clothes as brand new.

    I find it a little disturbing, cos I would imagine myself as their potential customer not knowing the clothes are double-preloved! I always state the origin of my preloved clothes and never thought people will buy from me at cheap prices only to mark it up and sell them like "worn-once" condition.

    What do you think?

  9. Well, there was this once where this buyer asked me to be her supplier but ended up not paying. Emailed her, she said she will pay asap. A week went by, I let it pass cos i thought she just went MIA or wasnt interested anymore. A week later, i visited her blog and guess what? All my items that she ordered from me were up for sale more than 100% mark-up from my blog. And yeah, since she didn't even pay, naturally she doesn't have the items. All of the photos were from my blog -,- i wonder how is she gonna explain if someone enquires about the item. And definitely wont be selling to her since she just went MIA without even notifying.

  10. I got alot of buyer like this actually..
    some of them i dont really mind coz they didn't bargain at all..I'll take it i clear my stuf..i got my profit..whatever you want to do with it up to you la..
    Like i sell to them for RM50 they sell it for RM100 to their friends..fine with me..and this is not a blogshop owner and she sell it to her friends..
    but i got this two blogshop owner who bargins like crazy (saying something like i know where you get it from..sell it to her @ cost price)and resell it back claiming that item is from overseas or what so ever..that's cheating man..

  11. YALO! whats the big deal. like what she say "u sell,I buy,I sell lo" If me I would be happy to have a regular "customer". Plus when reviewer doing price comparison I will always be on top. But sadly, I have no customer like that..

  12. hi can i know which blogshop this

  13. please let me know which blogshop it is cos it sounds familiar. thanks!

  14. i think u have nothing to loose. she bot it from u so she can do anything with it. at least u have a regular customer. at least u managed to sell ur items. n look at the bright side. u r selling those items cheaper than her. just hoping those reviewers that comparing prices will review ur blog and hers. aiyaaa..

    i just dont see why there shud be any complains from ur side.

  15. no need to complain author, instead be grateful. if the buyer is cheating other people with unreasonable price, let it be. maybe people won't but from her, right? what goes around, comes around. just be grateful that your stuffs are sold no matter to whom u sell it to :)

  16. hAHA babe this is nothing to complain about! you should be happy to have a buyer as such, so you don't worry about keeping stock =D besides, if she sells it for so expensive, no one's gonna buy from her anyway!

  17. to the one who said "i don't get what's the big deal if they use your photos and whatever to place in their blogs"

    I would like to ask you a question.

    Have you ever heard of PLAGIARISM?

    And to those buyers turn sellers, if you lie to your customers saying they are from overseas when they are local/new when they are preloved etc, start being ETHICAL will you?

  18. Eef: plagiarism? everybody does it. furthermore, what about pre-orders who use stock photos? isn't that plagiarism as well? since i'm sure that none of them are paying royalty for those photos. for all you know, those pictures belonged to a certain online store (overseas), and the china manufacturers used these pictures over and over making "imitations" of those clothes. isn't that even more unethical? :/ and who's supporting the purchase of these imitation goods? there are a lot of gray areas when it comes to ethics which ppl do conveniently oversee. anyway, if the person already made a purchase from the seller, and decided to use her pictures later on, i don't think it's such a big issue. so just chill, k? :)

  19. ok this is to clear the anon above,

    Pre-order photographs are provided by the suppliers themselves. The clothings are mass produced by companies and they do hire professional models for their catalogue shoots. These photos are distributed freely to market their product.

    Those photos are part & parcel of the pre-order business.

    Know your stuff before you open your mouth la. Shy only.

  20. are you a pre-order seller? do pardon my naivety, as apparently, i open my mouth without knowing stuff. "their" product you're referring to, is the factory's own products, or the brands they produce for? as far as i can observe, most pre-ordered clothes are watermarked by their own respective labels. even similar items, produced by different companies, have their own stock photographs with their own watermarks. so when you conduct/purchase your pre-order, are you buying straight from the factory? or the suppliers (brands)? as the suppliers (not factories) are the ones who engaged the marketing of their own products, aren't the factories who're reproducing the designs plagiarizing? the copyright belongs to the suppliers after all. :/ i don't know. maybe you can clear this for me. :)

  21. Know the hierarchy of business la.

    Factories do not operate when they are no orders. Factories are merely the place an item is manufactured.

    Clients/Suppliers/Companies/The top person (or whatever you want to call them in your term) are the ones who carry the brands that you see watermarked on photographs. 1 company carries up to 20 brands sometimes. Each brand comes with their own production teams. They are the ones who determine the design, material and quantity to be manufactured. These orders are then sent to factories to make the said clothing. Then comes the marketing team of these companies to plan and distribute the clothes to suppliers/wholesalers all over the world. These companies will provide photographs of their clothing that are modeled professionally as a catalog in order to get orders.

    These wholesalers in return use back the same photographs to capture potential buyers. This is the way of the pre-order world.

    No I am not a pre-order seller. I just went to school.

  22. Sorry if I'm out of line but, the cheap preorder stocks that mostly found in times square or a lot of preorder blogshops online (I hope u know which type of preorder I'm talking about),IS REALLY AN IMITATION FROM OTHER FAMOUS TAIWAN OR KOREA OR JAPAN brand.

    Those China manufacturer (mostly) or some Taiwan ones DO take and use their pictures to produce really low quality stocks( that is why the pictures u saw and the item you receive is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Get it?)

    Normally we buy,receive, complaint and end up using it as a doormat. If u look hard enough you can find the exact same one with excellent quality.

    So, for you people that went to school, you too have to check your facts right and don't go on humiliating other people.

  23. ahhhhhh yap yap yap... you all just want to show how clever and smart you all are in this blog. =.= yawnnn yeayea all of you are the smartest person in the world. you are all the next Albert Einstein.

  24. *sigh* I think readers of this blog should really take bits and pieces of discussions as a knowledge. No need to be defensive. Serves no purpose.

  25. Hello... can we get back to topic pls? Take your smart comments elsewhere.

  26. Murid-murid sekalian, hari ini kita akan belajar subject "ETIKA MEMBELI DAN MENJUAL SECARA ONLINE"

    1)Buyers resell the items - Not wrong
    2)Buyers-turn-sellers take pic themselves - Not wrong
    3)Buyers-turn-sellers steal pic -WRONG!!
    4)Buyers-turn-sellers mark-up price - Not wrong
    5)Buyers-turn-sellers lie to cust the source of items - SO WRONG!!

    Sekian sahaja kelas kita pada hari ini.
    Terima kasih


  28. Cikgu, I labyuuuu!!!! Terima Kasihhhh!!! SMWDY should post Cikgu's comment as a post!!! >;D

  29. helooo ! can email me the name of this blogshop ? :D.thanks a bunch !