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The Best Salesman Award still does NOT go to you

This happened years ago but I have to post this up cos thinking back, it was so freaking funny. I dont even remember which blogshop this was.

I was at this bazaar held in a mall in KL. Lots of well known blogshops took part so I went la. Those were the days when bazaars were rare.

I went up to this stall that sold handmade things from soft toys, potpourri pouches to cute mirrors. I spotted this gorgeous mirror and was looking for the price tag. Suddenly from behind me I heard a male voice.

"Hello Beautiful. You're so beautiful you will suit this beautiful mirror so very much. I will give you the best beautiful price to suit your beautiful face also. Ok, beautiful?"

That was some serious hard sell line man. I had to turn around to see who it was. I swear my vomit was up to my nose when I saw his beautiful face.

Center parting
Oily hair which probably went to his face also cos he was shiny
Spectacles so thick it had circles in them
Some odd onion smell
An obvious missing tooth

Had I opened my mouth to scream, my vomit would come out also. DUDE!!! What marketing school you went to wei??? Can I nominate you for Beauty & the Geek? Ok la... regardless of how you look like or how I look like... Who taught you to talk like that?!


  1. you don't have to be so rude okay? does it make a difference if he is a good looking young man? does it make a difference if he is educated or not? at least we can tell that he has good intention and might also be a very kind person, we cannot say the same about you.

    I think we would rather be an ugly person than to have ugly personality like YOu.

    damn. these people always think they are better than other people.

  2. i agree with the writer, unfortunately. if you've never experienced it, you can't imagine how creepy it is. i once had "hello beautiful" said to me by some foreign waiter at a kopitiam. imagine that! it's not rude, it's just attention that's uncalled for and it's annoying. i would equally ignore these lines from a good looking young man. who cares about his intentions or what kind of person he is? he's not approaching you to make friends, and honestly, if you're still going to insist on pick up lines like these, you should at least know the context of how to use them. at least you need to look presentable as to not revolt the person you're saying these lines to. ;)

  3. I agree with Anonymous 1. He may not be a smooth talker or behave like a casanova. Perhaps he did not even go to marketing school. Is that a 'sin'? He's just trying to earn a living selling things at a bazaar.So just give him a break.There are better ways to judge a person !

  4. I agree with anon 2. Saying things like that just to make a sale is downright sleazy... makes my skin crawl. plus the fact he didnt exactly have a presentable appearance just makes it worse. trying to be suave while looking like you just got hit by a car is SALAH.

    Actually if you do look like that but carry a gentle genuine persona, i wouldnt care. But the sales technique is wrong wrong wrong!! SLEAZY.

  5. oh grosssssss!!! This is no different than the times when some sleazebag who thinks he's too cool for school trying to pick you up in a bar.

    If this guy can go around trying to make a sale like that, he's definitely the one prowling in night clubs trying his beautiful talk in front of the girl's toilet.


  6. Holy shit... that is NO WAY to talk to a girl! I would have died if it happened to me. goosebump!!

  7. Maybe he doesn't know any better. Maybe he thinks that complimenting a girl will increase his sales. Who knows?

    Even ugly people have to live laa ... and to do that they need money ... so yeah, the way he went about it was wrong but there is no need to criticize his looks!

  8. maybe he said that just to sell off his items or etc. i think he's not trying to flirt around or etc*again*. maybe he tod by telling u how pretty u r then u will buy tht mirror.

    but to me, u dun hafta criticize his looks. just because he look like that makes u feel like u want to puke. that is just soo mean. soo plain mean. i think u dont have to write on his looks. just stop at the end of the convo je. because when i read the last part, i just feel sick.

  9. If it was me i would flee from that place right away. Its sleezy, dumb and yucks!

    I think the writter was just being sarcastic bout his looks =)

  10. Yeah, I doubt he had really wanted to compliment you or any other girl, for that matter, from the bottom of his feet, if not for sales. Why are you judging people based on their looks == That's shallow.

  11. eh i find it ok.. his sales pitch is funny, i would put on an amused smile. his looks doesn't bother me, but i would take few steps back from the smell.. but then since it happened in a bazaar, maybe it's the weather lah.

  12. i know i'm uglyMarch 15, 2010 at 10:45 PM

    I have no qualms with people who are not good looking. I'm not that good looking!

    But I DO have a problem with ugly people who behaves like they're God's gift to women! Thats disgusting! You dont talk to people like that to make a sale. Its so disrespectful.

    You hear it from a hot guy, you call him cocky.
    You hear it from a trainwreck, its quite icky.

  13. I agree with i know i'm ugly.
    You don't talk that way to a customer. Sales method very the wrong.
    Hot guy or not, I would have just walked away.

  14. Main point is about the way he talked to her. I think author was just being sarcastic about the ugly guy thing. Can't you guys take a joke? Don't comment as if you guys never thought of a person in a negative way before. Sheesh...

  15. Yes! It is very disrespectful!Just go with "hello miss" will do good.
    Hello beautiful??? I will get offended especially when I know Im not.