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I'm not pissed, just Offended

I got an email from this girl that was interested in a pair of shoes i had.She was concerned of the size so i gave her the measurements blabla. So we arranged for a cod etc etc.

A little after she emailed me
"Sorry I dont think I'll take the shoes. Dont think it can fit me. If you wanna blacklist go right ahead but i'm just telling you that I'm not going to buy it because it's not the same size as vincci so i'm telling you this for your own good"

I wasnt mad or pissed at this.

But I was offended.

a. How can you tell me that the pre-order shoes aren't the same as vincci sizing when i never said it was in the first place?

b. How can you tell me its for MY OWN GOOD when nothing here involves morals or ethics or anything for that matter?!

That was a little of line but what offended me the most was when she said
"If you wanna blacklist go right ahead"

Because in my whole site I never mention blacklisting anyone. Customers are entitled to change their minds right? Sometimes they forget to make payments within a certain time right?

But here she jumps to the assumption that im going to blacklist her.and she says it in such a blunt way.

Now some of reading this might say "because some seller blacklist what" So? Some buyers go MIA but that doesnt mean that we're entitled to say "Okay you better make the payment by thursday and not later because I hate Buyers who backout and go MIA and make sure you send me the transaction slip if not i know you're lying about payments. and i'm telling this for your own good!"

If something like that came up on the buyers side it'll end up right here on SMWDY right or not?


  1. Well not to try to back her up but maybe her English isn't very good and she didn't know how to express herself properly??!

    Aiyiyiyiyi ... she should just have stopped at "Don't think it can fit me" cause she really jumped the gun on her next sentence.

  2. Buyer sounds as if she's too full of herself. Meh. As though she's pandai something like that. She probably heard some horror stories from other buyers.

  3. maybe she got blacklisted from other sellers before? wouldnt blame her.

    author, dont take it personally =)