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Is it just me?

One of the main things that annoys me so much when shopping online is when these sellers make it sooooo difficult for me to get their email address.

Example: buymydress[at]xmail[dot]com

Or sometimes they save it as an image and I have to type it manually. Which is very highly that customers will type the wrong address especially if sellers have really flowery and super stylo email addresses with weird spelling.

Yeah I understand that this reduces spam from unwanted senders etc. But if you sellers out there think that putting your email addresses this way is so cool, let me tell you that it is not and it is downright annoying. You would lose many potential customers this way.

It might be just my pet peeve but why make simple things difficult.

*wonders if it's just me feeling this way*


  1. 3 words: SPAM SUCKS BALLS!

    how hard is it to copy, paste and edit? Fine, changing the address to an image is stupid since you can't copy and paste, especially if the image isn't coded so that you can click on it and get the email eg *click*

    and the risk of mistyping is high, but are there seriously so many ppl who are so lazy that they can't type a couple more words to replace [at] and [dot]?

    If you say Others getting spammed is better than you using that teensy bit more extra energy, then I dare you to post out your email account in the WWW, and make sure your email account has a sucky spam filter! (e.g. Hotmail)

  2. the writer has a point there. However i think best if the seller has an order / enquiry form.

    So much easier to mail them. So i wouldnt need to open my email, find their email, copy their email and send. =)

    Sorry I'm just lazy!

  3. Couldn't agree more. I'm a lazy buyer as well. :)

  4. yes, true indeed. lazy buyer on roll here. haha. but i prefer email than order forms. they arent convincing enough, coz got a few probs with the order form mailing before.

  5. i hate order forms..dunno why..just cannot go along with it..hahah..i prefer to order thru emails..but i found some blogshops saying that their priority is for buyers who use the forms..

    SMWDY, maybe u can make a poll if buyers would prefer forms or email? just a suggestion =)

  6. Agree with the author. Don't understand why people want to make things difficult.

  7. Well, the latest poll certainly answers a lot of questions! :P 61% of buyers prefer e-mail to 21% who do order forms so far.

    To each their own but hey, no need to make a big fuss.. it's just a few seconds of typing xD Chill yo!