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You were THAT busy for 5 months?

Around August '09 I bought a preloved shoes from a pretty reputable seller I guess since on top of the preloved blog, she also owns a brand-new stock blogshop with her friends.
Mind you, the transaction was done very quickly. Within 20 minutes i already made my payment with her promise that she'll inform me later when she's mailing the shoes.

Later it took her almost a month to mail my shoes with countless time of her going MIA without any notice but the first attempt was unsuccessful since it was already Raya season, and i was back at kampung and nobody was at home to receive the parcel. So okay, I was considerate enough since it was not her fault. And i emailed her telling that im sorry for the 1st inconvenience that I've caused her and immediately offer to banked-in another rm8 for her to re-deliver my shoes, with hopes that she'll do it as soon as possible to finish off the transaction and be done with it.

Little did i know that the situation will be prolonged until January '10 when I finally had it with her being MIA and giving excuses like she's a student and very busy blabla. Hello? busy my a** since she still managed to update stuffs that she wants to sell but no time to reply my emails and texts? Seriously, I think she's a kid who should just concentrate on her 'studies' instead of doing business. So I just told her that I'm not interested to hear any more of her excuses but just please give me back my money. Ok lah since i receive the refund within 2weeks.

Seriously, this girl deserves to be slapped right?

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