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Priority Guest List ~ ptui!

I received an order a few days ago. I replied it with the email address provided and this is the automated reply that I got :

Hello (my website),

You just sent me an email about "Order No. XXXXX.
I'll be more likely to see your email and future messages if you are on my priority Guest List.
Click here to be put on my Guest List

Thank you,

You have got to be kidding me... I have to be in your guest list in order for you to see my mail about the order you made from my website? Why la? Do you know that when I click on the link given, I have to fill in a long form to create my own account which I do not want and to be included in that service provider's guest list also? Super annoying wei... after all that trouble, you never reply me about the order. So did you get my bank account details or you MIA?


  1. Lols. Seriously? Which email is that? eg ?

  2. Hey, I believe it's rather like a spam thing, cos I've received it before and I just ignored it. I still got regular replies from the seller. I think it's just this thingy they accidentally signed up for (like spam?)

  3. I got this exact same email too! but i ignored it and the buyer still got back to me =)

  4. Hey, I got that email too. But the buyer did make the payment promptly. Just ignore that email. I think the buyer doesn't even know about it. Maybe the buyer signed up on something accidentally? "Shrugs"