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Inquire also blacklist?

I inquired about a dress at a shop. Claimed as ready stock from korean spree, they put up the korean model's picture. not real modeled photos. They put up the ones like you know, with the korean models posing here and there.

Just to make sure that its my size (usually korean sprees clothes are more to M-sizer, i'm an XS), i requested for a real photo and i wanted to see the true colour as well.

so the conversations begins..

Me : Hello, interested in item ***. i'm a UK6 (XS-S) do you think it'll fit me nicely? And may i request for real modeled photos? Just so i can estimate the size on me and i want to see the true colour of the dress. thanks!

Seller : We dun do real photos! wat u c is wat u get! i size M can fit nice. Think u can oso fit nicely!

Me : *thinking the exclamation mark is quite harsh* its okay then, i'll pass the item. thanks :)

few hours later..

Seller : U still wan the dress or not?!

Me : I thought you got my previous email already, i said i'll pass the item. nvm. thank you.

Seller : Wat do u mean by pass? u don't wan d item?? its pretty! best selling sumore..

Me : its okay i'm afraid it'll be too big. nvm, thanks.

Seller : y la! ppl lyk u ruin our bisness! confirm about stuff then cancel simply lyk dat!! we gonna blacklist u!!!

Me : *pissed* i just asked for real photos so i can estimate the size on me, but since you can't give it then its okay. i don't want it to be an impulse purchase since i'm not sure whether it'll fit me or not. and i didn't confirm my order. it was only an inquiry. sorry if you think i'm troubling you. i'm not interested in the item anymore. thank you.

Seller : snobby act lyk dat sumoree!! sellers lyk us hate buyers lyk u!!! wat 4 u nid real photos?! i posted the photos at our site oredy rite?! not enuff for u?? model photo as well! clearly!!

Me : Its okay. i'm not interested anymore. thank you yeah. bye.

Seller : U been blacklisted!!! dun wan deal wit u again! fussy buyer lots complain!! 

WTH?! I just asked for real photos and i'm not even forcing her to give me. but instead she forced me to buy the dress. i seriously have no idea what's up with her and it was only an inquiry! And don't you think she's just too harsh and rude? hmph.

Sellers, please tell me am i wrong in this situation? I was just requesting for real photos. and i didn't confirm my order, i was just inquiring. I don't know why they can't just differentiate between the two phrases.


  1. Who on earth is this blog? Mail me the blogshop please.


  3. I thought that you sounded polite enough. The seller sounded like she has a few loose screws. And incredibly defensive too. Sounds fishy. It's probably a good thing that she blacklisted you, or you'll surely regret when you get crap stocks that she won't be responsible for.

  4. man..she sounds desperate. haha. can email me her blogshop url?

  5. can mail me her blogshop too? .

    trying to avoid her blogshop in the future.

  6. sheesh. what's her problem? i agree that it sounds fishy because she downright refused to give real photos.

    most sellers (i think) wouldn't mind if they had nothing to hide. don't worry, at least you saved your money by not buying from the psycho :)

  7. yup i wanna know too.
    i blacklist sellers who doesn't understand basic manners and customer service.

    met few before, similar incidents, bad manners and didn't want to deal with me just cos i asked for measurements (width, length etc).

    as a seller and buyer, i am damn irritated and annoyed! shame on sellers. SLAP THEM!!!

  8. wow, now, tats too much. poor english somemore. mail me?

  9. stupid seller. email me?

  10. I think she's DUMB! dont understand english.

    I curse her to be ugly, poor and bancrupt!! *ptuih ptuih*

  11. i 'lyk' to know her blogshoop too. do email me at thanks.

  12. SMWDY! can you email me? :D
    I also kepoh wanna know who this seller is!

  13. SMWDY, pls email me the blog too... I wanna blacklist this rude blogshop. Thanks!

  14. mail me the blogshop add

  15. Would like to know which blogshop this is. If you could email me the URL, that would great. Thanks.

  16. Wow, seller desperate much? Pfft.. We buyers hate sellers like you!

  17. Some blogshop really abuse the term of blacklist backout customer, it was just an enquiry, how could you say is backout?? the words she use is just not polite at all!!

  18. usually pre-order blogshops dont provide real photos loo. i also dont know why but i think its normal.

    but this seller really got problem. XD

  19. hahahahah she doesn't understand 'pass' means!!! XD i oso wud lyk 2 kno wat tis blogsop is lah!

  20. bad english plus rude.
    God. what is this blogshop please let me know.

  21. Personally I hate buying taiwan/ korea clothes cos most of the time the item that I get is big in size and doesn't really look like the one modelled. The clothes look so pretty in the photos but it really isn't in real life.

    Mail me the URL pls. thx.

  22. she doesnt understand the word 'pass' i think. haih.

    email me too. thanks.

  23. Email me the name of the shop too please


  24. i generally don't trust shops which sell clothes which are *professionally* done. cause in real light (i.e. my house fluorescent light) somehow the same effect isn't there!

    do mail me please the name of the shop. definitely don't want to buy anything from such a seller.


  25. that seller sound like a little kid trying to do some business hahahahaha

  26. hey, can we have the blog name too? :P
    Email us at

  27. i've never actually had bad service from a seller before. mind giving me the link?
    i would like to know what blogshop.

  28. email me please

    lemonlim3 at

  29. me too :)

  30. can i have her blogshop link?? thanks babe!

  31. omigosh!!!thats freaking rude!!! can u please email me the blogshop link?thx in advance.

  32. pls mail me the blogshop name =)
    totally gonna avoid these ppl!!

    thanks dear for sharing your story!

  33. email me tooo ! :) .thanks so much !

  34. hey :) let me know the blogshop name :)

  35. sheesh. wat an attitude D<

    mail me too :

  36. email me too!

  37. me too =)

  38. Owh gosh! She's rude and I also think that u're very polite to her already. =.="" Thanks that I've never encountered such seller. Mind email me the blogshop? miss(dot)youngandlovely(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thanks in advanced =)

    Btw, wanna clarify something here to correct pinkpony84's perception.^^
    Korea and Taiwan apparels aren't original when the seller can't provide u the actual pictures of where the parcel comes from (providing that they are honest enough that they dont steal people's pictures), which 95% of the sellers out there bought from China suppliers.

    Thus, the quality is just like the price. You can get CNY20 to CNY30+ each (a.k.a RMB) in many China wholesale sites, which when u converted to RM, it's only almost half the price of the original price in CNY. And they're selling like min RM30-RM40, sometimes up to RM50-70 depends on design. They're making a lot of profits by telling people that it's Taiwan and Korea clothes which is NOT TRUE! They're just imitated products from Taiwan and Korea's FASHION!

    I've bought like around 30 pieces throughout the year (mid year 2008-2009), and been cheated for minimum RM1200 =.=||| I buy my lesson not to buy imitation products even I saw the modeled pictures are so beautiful because 95% are unwearable and that 5% is just barely acceptable. *big big sigh*

    And 1 thing I dont understand why is people out there still buying those low quality apparels. :S