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I thought you're my BFF

This girl came to my stall during a bazaar and picked out a few items from my rack and very excitedly told me to reserve it for her for like 15mins. She said she wants it but her friend who will be paying for them will arrive shortly.

Wah so nice... must be a birthday present or her friend owes her money I guess. Doesnt matter, I agreed to hold on to them for her.

She was so anxious she even stayed around my stall for most of the time. Maybe afraid I was going to sell it off before her friend came.

Her friend finally arrived half hour later and she hurriedly ushered her friend to my stall and showed her the items. A few seconds of giggling and whisperings, her friend's face suddenly just turned serious and she snapped "Why should I buy it for you?!"

Aiyor I was embarrassed for her. She just put the clothes back onto the rack and walked away with her head down. Kesian... that was one MAJOR mis-communication they had I guess.


  1. kesiannnya.....

  2. wooo. i pity the girl.

  3. then again, the girl shouldn't have depended on her friend right? she could have paid for herself what. poor thing.

  4. i agree with the last anonymous.

  5. Kesian...poor girl. Maybe she didn't have cash on her and wanted to borrow her friend's cash. Or it was some miscommunication between them.

    Either way, the friend should have been more sensitive and not say o=it out loud like that for all to hear :(

    So embarrassing.

  6. so sad to read this. sad for her :(