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Comparing Prices is a BAD IDEA

It's been awhile I noticed that those so-called "review blog" likes to comparing prices among all the blogshop nowadays.

As a seller, I strongly disagree those review blog doing that, I know most of the buyer were "Happy" to see that, and it is good for them (of coz), yet, who care abt our (seller) feelings? Basically, people don understand every seller has a different cost price from different supplier around the world, you will never know how much they had spending time + money on taking stocks for their business.

And imagine that, by just one hit from those review blog reviewed their item and "simply" comparing our prices to other, can u imagine how susah for us to make profit??

Dear all, seller also human being mah, we have no different to u guys, we earn for living also what...we also spent money on COD, drive here and there to restock for u guys...
So do u think we all making big bucks on that?

I know everyone seeking for the"cheapest price", but for all the buyers out there (and ALL REVIEW BLOG too)could u please comparing our prices quietly? I felt that nowadays I'm so scared to "being review" by them, if the review is good, of coz it helps our business, if not, then... okay, what a bad day for me.

Mind I remind those review blog owner: Do you know you earn  from our advertisement fee? And we dont deserve your PRICE COMPARISON!



  1. Welcome to reality, seller! That is what you have gotta experience when you are in this line. And if you were to mark your prices up oh-so-high, then something is really wrong! I don't see any wrong in comparing prices.

    P/S: You need to improve your English, seriously!

  2. Author, can you suggest to reviewers in comparing prices "quietly"?

  3. duhh, must be one of the high-priced sellers.

    "Do you know you earn from our advertisement fee?"

    don't advertise if you don't want to. reviewers are probably sellers & buyers too but they're still okay with it. don't be too emo. haha.

    actually its not really a big deal about high prices since if the buyers want the thing then they can also pay for it. so yeah. not a problem at all. reviewers have their own trick to get readers and followers. respect their rights too.


  4. i applaud review blogs for this comparison! i loveee it because it helps me save money :)
    yes, i can understand why some sellers may hate this, but i bet you the ones complaining are the sellers who've been marking up their prices absurdly. you don't see those selling similar items at lower prices complaining!

    you want to get your items sold? REMAIN COMPETITIVE! stop trying to be all high and mighty with your 'do you know you earn from our advertisement fee'. please lah, review blogs help sellers by giving them publicity, and help buyers by providing price comparisons.

    you want people to buy from you? stop charging buyers so much!

    slap seller!

  5. i disagree. price comparison is a very good idea. even magazines do that and international blogshops do too. i know u're a seller but u as a buyer (either u buy things from supplier/malls/anywhere) dont tell me u dont want the best deal. if there is a chance for comparing supplier price i bet u'd like that too right?

    so for me, since there is a chance for buyers to compare price whats wrong with it? it certainly help us in buying things. i know u have ur own cost price to pay but not all buyers are rich and can afford to spend extra rm10 or so on same items.

  6. Very easy! Just send an email to them, stated that you don't want to be reviewed! No need to complain lor...
    Someone complained that reviewers didn't review themm! Now complained pulak kena review, but badly... Difficult to satisfy everybody!!
    As buyer, I appreciate FT who compare price. So that I don't buy expensive stuff! Thanks FT!! I support you!

  7. I think it's time to reevaluate your price! If you are so upset, your stuff must be too expensive! You earn for living, but don't lar "suck blood" from your customers!
    The reviewers want their readers to get a good deal too! Different reviewers have their own style of doing review!

  8. i bet the ones who clicked 'slap buyers' are those blogshop owners who charge crazy prices ;)

  9. Buyer = Reviewer?

  10. haha.
    who are you kidding, author?
    wouldnt you ask for a good bargain whenever chance? slap seller!

  11. SMWDY, make a box for third party lorr, hehe

  12. Wah liao... so many request for all sorts of categories. No space la!

  13. If u think selling stuff thru blogshop is difficult n can't make much profit then why r u still doing it???? If u don't like that reviewer, then don advertise la.

  14. sellers are human too ! i agree

  15. lol. yet another young and naive seller.

    get real lah. you want to earn money, and you expect to do so (despite your little margin), while getting the "sympathy" and understanding from your buyers? goodness me, your buyers are not your family members who do you favors nor owe you anything.

    if you can't live up to the market price out there, then find a way to remain competitive. don't whine and complain and expect buyers to understand. this is business so don't drag your personal problems into it. so spoonfed la you guys, shame on you!

  16. Sorry, Author, as a buyer, I applaud those Review sites who compare prices (which ones by the way? 'cos the ones I trawl through don't do that). I think it's a brilliant idea.

    Yes, "sellers are humans, too", but perhaps you have to re-think why you're selling at such a high price. Supplier charge high rates? Well, change supplier lor.

  17. "Do you know you earn from our advertisement fee?"

    You wouldn't advertise at that review blog if it does not have readers/buyers reading it, would you? If you get what I mean.

  18. Why the fuss over comparing prices? Even Tesco/ Giant/ Carrefour such large organization oso compare in papers everyday la. Whats the problem about it?

    If you reviewers are concealing prices just because they paid for ur ad; then think they are not good reviewers too.

  19. not just Tesco, Giant or Carrefour but you get to see airlines like AirAsia & MAS advertise their promotions on Star Newspaper everyday!

    do they need to complain to someone too for comparing prices? I don't think so. it's business dear, deal with it.

  20. i'm waiting for the seller to respond.

    hey writer, do respond! so much complains but don't want to respond. try and defend your rights if you think you're right! (okay it rhymes, haha)

    shame on you!

  21. Reviewers can review whatever they want, and in whatever way they want it to be, to suit our(buyer's) needs. Not seller's needs! Don't worry tho, if the item in the cheapest blogshop are all sold out, they'll(buyers) find you anyway.

  22. HAHAHA. looking at the slap column, I can assume that "Buyers/Reviewer - slap seller" & "Marked-up high price sellers - slap buyers" :P

  23. Sorry mate, the moment you decided to sell stuff online, you are subjected to the harsh reality of price comparison. It's a consumer's world, and why shouldn't it be, when we are the ones who allow you to earn money in the first place?

    Before you became a seller, I'm sure you are a buyer many times before (and I don't just mean on blogshops, online stores, etc). If you tell me that you do not even compare your prices first before purchasing, then that's either a lie or you're being incredibly naive.

    I highly agree with the person who commented that if you want to get your items sold, keep your prices competitive. Stop blaming review sites.

  24. why so kiasu??? aisehh...

  25. owh..please don't start with FT..
    there's a lot of time when FT make mistake by looking at the detail of the stuff.and it create chaos!!
    comparing price is not a problem but make sure it's the same item in every single detail!!

  26. the way i see it, reviewers are doing a public service to us, the buyers. of course, as a buyer, you should do your own research too if you really want to own any item. don't put the blame sorely on reviewers cause i believe most of them do it because they love fashion and want to share the latest designs with us.

    anyway if you're selling at a high price, don't blame reviewers for the fact that you're not getting any customers!

  27. Eh??? How come i dunno there's a blogspot comparing prices?? Yay for buyers! Whats the name of the blog??

  28. as a blog owner myself I understand how this author is feeling BUT you must remember I'm a shopper too and I think the price comparison site is an awesome thing for us shoppers! as for the seller ,easy..once you've been compared..just revise the price laaa =__="

    and another thing a real shoppaholic like me wouldnt mind getting it at a slightly higher price if the cheaper ones are out of stock...i mean...come on know how we are when we really want

  29. sellers are buyers too
    don't you (sellers) want a good bargain too when u purchased something *online or not*?

  30. There is no need to talk about who is human being and all that emo crap. Lets just look at the facts.

    Reviewers have the power to influence readers' mindsets and because of that they should review responsibly. They should not be doing it solely based on the pictures posted by blogshops when they have no idea the actual detail and quality of a particular item which happens to look the same as the one being sold by the next blogshop.

    Please don't even start comparing with magazines and newspapers, no published media will ever compare an identical item from 2 different sources side by side on prices alone. if you see product reviews, they talk about the features and benefits of a product but they will NEVER list down the different prices they can be procured from each different oulets. And for good reason.

    "Why the fuss over comparing prices? Even Tesco/ Giant/ Carrefour such large organization oso compare in papers everyday la. Whats the problem about it?" <--dude, are you seriously comparing blogshops with large organizations out there? Frstly they don't compare
    their prices, they merely place ads with their own competetive prices to attract shoppers. And you don't see the papers setting up a page to list down the different prices of say a large tin of Milo from each hypermarket for the benefit of buyers do you?

    In magazines you see product comparisons as in which brand of the same product category is better value for money or a particular dress
    from a designer brand costing X amount and it's cheaper version of SOMETHING SIMILAR from a high street brand at a fraction of the price.

    This is not written to diss buyers or side with the sellers. If reviewers can't review responsibly and ethically, then they should not be doing it. Yes, you love fashion and you think you are doing everyone a favor but hey newsflash, don't call yourself a reviewer just because you know the existence of these blogshops and you are observant enough to realize that some of them are selling things that look similar. Try doing that in real life and wait for your ass to be kicked. Just because this is online doesn't mean upset seller can't trace you and do bad shit to you.

    Do you have any idea what a reviewer has to do to actually properly review a product? You need to obtain hard facts or data. Have you
    requested to have a look of the actual item prior to writing about it? How can you be sure what the next blogshop is selling is the exact
    identical item as the first one?

    Sure, everyone loves a good bargain. But these 'so-called review sites' should just list down the blogs selling a particular fancy item if
    they really wish to share with their readers with disclaimers that they do not know for sure that each item is identical to the other
    aside from appearance. Some of these sites are already doing this and it is the right way to do things. Readers will see for themselves which
    blog is selling lower and can decide for themselves.

    To buyers: This is not the author of the post but you lot really give a bunch of immature comments.
    To sellers: Not all buyers look only at prices, if you can't lower your prices, then up your service, picture quality,'re complaining to the wrong camp.
    To reviewers: With power comes responsibilities. You have the power to influence your readers. Use it wisely and correctly.

    Peace out.

  31. Anyhooooo... we still love reviewers to compare prices. Oh well, I am immature like this. thanks! ;)

  32. totally can understand different prices from different suppliers.but the initiative made by the reviewer to compare prices is good for buyers tho.try to look at it positively and find supplier who can provide cheaper price.

  33. Free market, my friend. Demand and supply decides the price.
    It's the world of business. Wanna stay on top, then stay competitive.

  34. i love you RealDeal!! Thanks for speaking out on behalf of all sellers! *clapclapclap!*