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At Your Own Risk

I think it is incredibly irresponsible of some sellers who are just out to get rid of their stock and make a quick buck without checking thoroughly for their customers.

Statements like buy at your own risk, no exchange and no refunds are extremely selfish and inconsiderate especially if buyers themselves don't make the mistake. instead, it is because some sellers conveniently forget to email proper descriptions.

Items that are labelled for "petites" are in fact too long and too big. Shoes that are meant for "vincci size 6" end up being more suitable for a size smaller.

So much money is spent on the item, to the buyer's disappointment because the seller just ain't free enough to market their products honestly.

And to all this, all sellers have to say is "sorry, no refund yeah". Worst still, if they suddenly disappear from the face of the earth when you try to get in contact with them. At least have some work ethic to make sure your product is fit for your customer, especially if you have the stock in hand. Just so you know, you are ruining the industry for those who take pride in their work.


  1. this is why you should always enquire for measurements =)

    if they dont provide, dont shop at their site

  2. i'm a seller myself and i do actually put "buy at your own risk, no exchange and no refunds" in my T&C.

    however, i do answer all customers' enquiries and provide every single measurement clearly in my blog. i don't think there's a problem putting up that sentence as long as i've stated everything a buyer needs to know clearly.

    otherwise i will get weird or psychotic customers out there requesting for refund/exchange after every sales done just because they don't like the design, it doesnt look good on them, colour fade after few wash and etc like what some sellers have encountered in previous posts.

    it IS inconsiderate for sellers like what you've mentioned to put up that sentence though, but there are still many trustworthy n considerate sellers out there. hehe.

    *slap seller in this case*