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Zero courtesy

I'm a seller selling preloved items. I posted one of my items at SG since I bought it online and it is in brand new conditions.

2 weeks ago (28th Feb), a girl email me saying she's interested with the item, and she urge me to reply her ASAP. Coincidentally, I was waiting for email, so I reply her immediately once I read the mail. I was selling the item at RM40 with free postage, and this girl agreed to pay me the price in the coming week after negotiations. Eventually, I gave her my banking details as well as handphone number as I afraid I might away from internet sometimes.

1 week passed, she sms-ed me, asking me for more discounts. So, I told her my best price was RM35 with free postage. She agreed once again, and PROMISED to pay me tomorrow (8th March). I waited for one whole week and as expected, I didn't receive any replies from her. So, I email her yesterday night, asking her, how was the payment!

And, guess what, I received her replies 2 hours ago, with a simple reply that,

Oh. sorry. im not longer interested with it. sry yea.

Seriously, I'm so pissed with that. I hate backouts buyer so much though it seems to be common in the cyber world. But why can't they kept their words? If you're not serious in purchasing, DON'T ASK then!

You're wasting my time and credit sms-ing with you!! ARGGGGHH!!!

Slap her! and, one more thing, you can get her email from me if you want! I don't mind sharing it as you(sellers) might be the next victim!


  1. i have lots of customer juz like that..once given the acc number, they went missing..and even i mailed them back, they wont answer it...but i've taken their name and juz blacklisted them in the near future..

  2. just take it with a pinch of salt during negotiations with customers in the future. ^^ would especially advice u guys not to take reservations too, especially with super cheapskate buyers too that go MIA after reserving ur items or threatening u to give them the item at the price they want or else. -_- smell them and beware!

  3. why have 9 people slapped the seller?? :S

    part and parcel of doing business, i am afraid. not all buyers are angels. buyers should REALLY think properly about the purchase before even bothering to e-mail the seller!

  4. it happened to me too. at first damn bersemangat want to buy. asked discountla, free postagela, FREE BELT la. best part is asked measurementla, this la, that la. then when the deal is close, all of a sudden dont wanna buy. friggin annoying!!! whats worse is that these people dont realize that they actually pushing away our potential customers. wasting time, energy and effort to sellers.

    SLAP BUYER thats for sure!!