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Gone without a trace

I'm running a pre-order blogshop. previously, my terms and conditions were to pay an upfront of 50% first for the items and settle the balance once items arrived. Somewhere last year, i had this buyer who bought 3 dresses from me. She paid 50% of the purchases and she is a very good customer, as in paying fast and not fussy (as in keep emailing when would the items arrive and so on so forth). So after 3 weeks, the items came.

I emailed her that her items arrived and asked her to settle her balance of RM45. She never replied me. i msged her number. No reply. I even called her handphone and got "the number you have dialed is out of service, please try again later". So i emailed her every two days asking whether she still wants the items or what not. No reply. Msges not replied. Tried calling another time, same response i got.

So after 2 weeks, i just sent her two of the items, which was worth the 50% to her address. 15 days later... her items came back to me. hmph! I waited another month before i put her items up for sell as ready stocks. Till now, 9 months has passed, no reply.

I know some buyers tend to MIA when making purchases but anyone came across something like this before? Where could she be? *shivers*


  1. Hmm, maybe she met with an accident or something :( It's highly unlikely for someone to pay RM45 and then disappear

  2. Hmmm...maybe. *shivers* =(

  3. Sounds like something may have happened to her. I mean, the clothes even bounced back to you, which shows she wasn't just greedy and just MIA

  4. hope nothing bad happens to her *fingers crossed*

  5. ohhh kayy... this is just plain scary. i understand how you are worried and can't keep this off your mind even after 9 months coz nobody would want anyone else to just *poof* disappeared like that. I sincerely hope that nothing serious happened to the buyer.

    did you transfer the rm45 to her bank account? =O

  6. i didnt transfer the money back to her account because she didnt give me her bank acc number. though i did requested her for her bank acc if she wants a refund but she didnt reply. so yea. and i still have some of her items as ready stock not sold till now =_=

  7. It happened to us too. Our customer wanted to purchase a pair of leggings but it was all sold out, so she made half payment for the restock and she went MIA after almost a year. We sent her numerous messages and reminders on both phone and email that her item is still with us. But she came back in the end apologizing for being MIA because she was busy with work. :) So, don't worry too much about it.

  8. Hi author, I'm going to give you the opportunity here to try and find her. Please do leave the next comment with her name and last known location. Hopefully someone out there knows her.

    That being said, please only do so if you are prepared to hear bad news. Of course we hope for the best.

    Its up to you love...

  9. maybe she moved overseas?

  10. her name is Steffi. i dont have her surname though. her last address i sent to was Century Garden, Johor Bahru. should i send it back to her another time?

    hmph dont make this a big case of a missing buyer lol. ill try to send out the items again and see whether it comes back. wish me luck! :)