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Tis' my Horror

I believe many sellers met MANY troublesome buyers. and let's face it. we hate them yet we still gotta deal with them to earn that RM. When i just started my blogshop, i was selling item X in white and it sold off pretty fast. So this buyer email to ask if it's restockable and i send her details and all. additionally, i also informed her about the waiting time-around 2-3 weeks.

Then she made the payment 5 days later after the closing date... nvm, got payment better than no payment right? However, the stocks arrive pretty late. i quickly email her once i collected the stocks and guess wad she told me?

Buyer: Do u have brown color for this? Can i change?
Me: Sorry, you ordered white and there's no extra brown for you :(
Buyer: Harrrr? Because i waited too long and i bought the same color from other blogshop. I don't need the same item with the same color. Do you think can refund? You can sell the item to others.
Me: Sorry babe. No refund yea. This is based on what you have ordered with us previously. We are sorry for causing any inconveniences.

I thought, anyhow it is still seller's fault because the stocks didn't arrive on time as promised. Then she requested for exchange if she spot something she likes from my blog next time. almost every update she email and shows her interest and always asked me to reserve for certain time but in the end MIA.

Okay fine. Afterall her stuff is still with me, she'll return someday. The next update, she returns asking different dresses and started to bargain kao kao, ask for discount la. No discount then ask for free postage la or free cod la.

Buyer: Where do you cod for free?
Me: XXX location only.
Buyer: I am broke. Can i have discount and cod at location B?(item @ RM 60)
Me:*thinking it's last piece so i gave some discounts @ RM 55 and also compensation for the late arrival of the item X*
Buyer: Cannot get it at RM 45 meh?
Me:*shocked* That is almost cost price already my dear, im actually selling this at RM 60 but at other blog it is price RM 62
Buyer: Where? I don't know, cuz i dun usually buy from blogshop.

HELLO. I thought you told me you bought item X from other blogs?

Me:*gave her the address*
Buyer: Cannot discount more meh? I'm very broke already. Please understand hehe ^.^
Me: Last price at RM 50 including cod charges.
Buyer: Cannot give free cod? I'm working at location B

And the conversation goes on and on until i explained i need to pay 2 tolls and petrol to cod at location B bcuz very far from my house. The final price? RM 48 deducting from the item X, she only have to pay like RM 10 or so. Nevemind again! She like so keen to get the dress and i am confident enough to sell the item X to others that is still with me.

Okay, so i went to cod with her. I saw her dress up nicely in office wear carrying branded bag, branded wallet and fairly expensive car. She smiled at me and paid. Before she left she said:
i'll let u know after i tried it.
I thought, maybe she wanna let me know if it fits her or something... i took off without thinking what she really means. Then her sms came.

Buyer: Babe, it doesnt look good on me la. Can return?
Me: Return???? but im on the way to other place already.
Buyer: Where are u now?  I GO MEET YOU
Me: C road.
Buyer: Where is that place? i dunno how to go it is not convenient for me to go there because it's jammed up. Do you think i can meet you at the place we cod just now?

Damn. I thought she's working there?? C road is just somewhere nearby! it's like a must to know that road if you want to get out from that area. Plus, it is easier for her to come meet me as the roads are all one way. Because of your inconvenience, i have to make a biggggggg u-turn and stuck in traffic jam, with you calling me asking why take so long.

This is like the worst cod ever. Wasted my petrol to travel all the way there.
Yet she said: inform me when u have updates yea ^.^


  1. babe did you refund her? super annoying. i wouldn't bother to update her anymore. if she needs to save money then opt for registered post lah. wasting time and resources.

  2. I admire you (seller)! Willing to go extra miles! But too far lar dear! ;p
    Don't entertain this kind of buyers! No need to be rude or tell her off, but can slow in replying, or brief reply.
    Obviously, this buyer thought that you are desperate, she knew that you will give in, so took advantages on you again and again!
    So sorry for you. :(
    Not buyers are like that. :)

  3. u should have just inform her that you don't do refunds darl~ i'm a buyer and i stil find her demands unreasonable!

  4. seriously, i wouldnt even offer a discount. As she wanted an exchange so i think the deal is fair already. Please dont bother with these kind of buyers. waste of time & energy

  5. babe, u are too good a seller. u should just send her item X and dont give a shit whether she got another extra piece or something. she can sell it off at SG or give it to another person. dont waste ur time on buyers like this babe.

  6. better refund her. i don't think it's worth it to have her do the same thing again & again. save yourself the trouble.

  7. OMG. She's a cheapskate!

  8. Omg! I would have slapped her my god. Who needs her money now.

  9. yeah. she's so broke cos of ppl like u whom she USED and bullies to get what she wants to support her purchase of branded bags/car/clothes. take it as a lesson and don't be a walkover cos u're afraid to make a (unreasonable and bitchy in this case) customer unhappy. cheapskates like her can't work their charm on retail/branded stores so they have to resort to bullying blogshops owners. hope her branded bags kena serious unremovable stain and her car tires pancit. hahahaha!

  10. then u should tell her,then if she's broke then don't freakin shop in the first place man!i have a customer like that but she's a high school student so still acceptable.This one working adult.SIGH.

  11. hey babe, I want to be your customer too. You are so naive! I want discounts, don't like or cannot fit can exchange! So "nice" of of you...

  12. You're such a gem of a seller. I would have turned down her request in changing for another NO MATTER how it looks on her. That's none of my problem! Can someone just try on a dress after paying it and require for a change just because it doesn't look good on her?

    Further more, it took you through so many hassles to cod with her! I know it's good to be a good seller. But sometimes, you need to take care of your own wellbeing (physically and emotionally!) too!

    And owh, I'm typing that based on a buyer's perspective. I detest such buyer!

  13. CURSE THE BUYER. stooooopid bimbo.

  14. wtf???? how ridiculous this buyer can be??? this is the worst buyer ever and i hope she sees this post here. i hate rich people going stingy like this!!! it's not as if the world owe her anything okay. you are too good of a seller that's why she took advantage of you! don't deal with her anymore. >:O

  15. KNSSSSSS... the sad fact - richer people are more cheapskate than average earning ppl. But she is too much la, I wont even bother to layan her seriously.

  16. what's your blogshop?? let's all buy from this sweet girl!

  17. I saw many readers slap the buyer! But I think seller deserve a slap too! Because of some sellers are willing to give in to this extend, that's we have some buyers act lebih-lebih, ask for discountssssss, demanding, making noise to the reviewers to boikot us! ! ! !

    We sellers need to unite to educate this kind of buyers!

  18. dont do CODs, postage only, PosLaju, PEkpres if buyer wants.

    CODs too mafan.. and then they'll demand loads of stuff. dont bother about COD-ing the next time. Easier for you. :)

    I had a similar buyer as u too..same scenario but i didnt COD w her.she was interested in my things then asked for "Best Price", gave her best price w postage then she bising want lower. Both items i had,totaled up to be RM70 i think? then she wanted lower, i gave her rm65 w postage, then she continued bargaining and demanded COD which i stated soooooo CLEARLY, super big words, SORRY NO COD..and yet she still wanted COD. I said no,sorry im not free and no transport to COD, i can give u RM60 w Poslaju, the best i could offer. Then she started bargaining and saying "i hv to rely on my friend to COD for me,she's driving me can u pls give cheaper..(i was like no?duh?then i x hv to rely on ppl to send me la?i can teleport for free is it?) then i said no la..i'll send to ur house. then she then said again, "no, my mum is at home and if she sees, she will nag me." i was like, send to your friend's place? "cannot, she wont be home..."...... i was like WTF? My patience can only go till that extent.

    I told her im terribly sorry i cannot make it as i am busy myself too and i dont have transport, blablablabla... POSTAGE is the only method as PosLaju is just outside my office..

    The next day she bloody went MIA.. i damn gao dulan. stupid buyer.. already stated NO COD..she still demanded COD and went alllll the way to cost price,no wait, lower still!! 2 bajus sial.. it's like im practically giving the 2nd piece to her FOR FREE?

    my god...du q lan
    please think of others too..and not be selfish?

    thank you for your time! ;p

  19. i did the COD with her its because after gazillion times of arrangements and bargains. i was like, sick and tired. just sell this off and that's it! and stupid me, I DID REFUNDED after she gave me back the item :(
    Usually i don't give discount, she's been my "interested customer" for quite awhile, that's why i was willing to give in.

    it's hard to be seller too don't u guys think so?
    they think we're so mean by following strict policies. being too nice then kena bully....SIGH

    YET! even after that, she wanted to buy something and said she was willing to travel to somewhere near my area to COD. and again, asked for discount. luckily i didn't promise her. if not gone case also laaaaa

  20. Author, you're seriously too nice for your own good =/ i'm a buyer, and this customer of yours is ridiculous. after one discount then want another, COD then refund. WTH??!!!

    if it were me, if she called me after the COD i'd say NO. hello you bought it already, so too bad lah! resell it! gosh what a huge pain in the ass. never update her man. rather earn no money than deal with people like her!

  21. For me, after the item sold, STRICTLY no refund because of the size or "doesn't looks good on her body" issue. Why not just tell her cannot refund after purchased and close case.