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The never to be seen Spree

Two months ago, i stumble across a blog that does international spree on Benefit make up, which all of you know that it's a well known make up brand. I was so hype abt it coz i really wanted this particular item which they don't carry here in Malaysia. Its was also cheaper compared in Malaysia! I asked the seller abt the price being so cheap and all, she said "they r having sales in US'.. In her blog, she mention everything being sold r original item! that her cousin is in the united states buying all the item for her.

I thought, " wow what a bargain!, I should grab it quick"

So i place my order, banked in the amount of Rm83 and waited for my item to arrive, which she told me it would be within a weeks time. Waited, waited, waited, item did not arrive. i email her asking abt my order, she said, she's also waiting for it to arrive as well. So ok maybe it got delayed by customs or something...

I gave it another never arrive! I email her again, this was a little after CNY, a week after that she replied telling me that she's very sorry, her cousin already come back to M'sia n she'(her cousin)' ask her boyfriend who is in US to mail the spree items by air mail(which is faster) but instead he mail the items using shipping mail, which took 3-4 weeks to arrive!

Me... really wanting the item so bad, I told i was willing to wait! Through out the whole time i was being polite n patient with her! But she took advantage of my kindness!

After almost a month and a half of waiting i email her again, asking her if the item arrive or not...She told me, she was very sorry and the item did not arrive n wants to refund my money.. So i said ok.

She said she was going to refund my money 3 days ago, but she never did!

I found out that she's also doing the same spree in lowyat. net forum! To my horror all of her customers there has been threatening her to make a police report! Bcoz they also did not get their items they've ordered. They demanded refund but she never replied to any of their emails n sms!

U might think that RM83 its not a lot of money to some ppl, but to me it still money! Im not sure i'm gonna even get my refund back..

So ppl beware of those who might want to cheat u!


  1. why are people slapping the buyer?

  2. omg, what blog? Tell me! monkey_pie92@hotmail because i joined a spree in forum lowyat *scared*

  3. RM83 is a lot and imagine if she fleeces off other customers like that!!

    How can some people live with themselves?!

    Who is this irresponsible person? E-mail me please

  4. omg!!!!i noe that blog and i wanted to buy from her but luckily i didn't!!!she said the same think about her cousiN!!!omg!such a terrible person man.u should demand back for ur money!!!

  5. Hey which blog is this? catherhea[at]live[dot]com

  6. Thank god!! I almost buy from her and then change my mind cause was broke that time..

  7. OMG i totally know this blog. Thank god i didn buy the Benetint from her cos she said its sold out! And you're right about that cousin story. Gosh!

  8. i know this blogshop too ! i wanted to get smth form her but didnt. i tried to email her recently to enquire but no replies till now.

  9. I know who this person is and she's definitely one of the rudest girl I have ever met. Reading through her lowyat net posts, I feel like laughing at someone who claims to be studying 'International Business' when her business ethics is negligible and her understanding towards English is shocking *I know I ain't a saint, but I can't help but to laugh at her*

    To those that know which shop is this and you have unfortunately fallen victim to this, please take your initiative to contact the seller by all means because she will NOT inform you about her 'spree status' at all nor will she let you know that she's actually doing a refund now.

  10. you should report to the police and bank of fraud along with the details she provide!

    send these scammers to jail!

  11. Agree with Liz, lodge a police report. Teach her a lesson; she deserve it. Or else con her out by pretending COD and get an explanation from her.

  12. lemonlim3[at] someone please mail me the blogshop? thanks :)

  13. Whoaa!! i know this case! they even have a dispute thread for the seller in LYN!

    From what I read, the seller is not a good one. She ignored the buyers messages (emails, sms, PMs). And she left the buyers worried for a week without a word?! That's bad.

    You HAVE TO have access to internet to be online sellers. Be online at least twice a week. Or, everyday would be better.

    And those sellers saying that they have internet problem is bullshit. They can always go to CyberCafe. Haiyaa. These people are so ignorant and take people for granted.

    Slap you seller!!

    To the author, keep on spamming the seller until you get your money. If you lodge police report also you might not get your money. Just spam her. Saw that they have the seller's phone number at the LYN dispute thread. Good luck!

  14. lodge a police report ASAP! and spam her. RM83 is ALOT of money okay! luckily i never came across that blogshop or i think i would have got conned by people like her =/

    do email me the blogshop URL :

  15. please email me the blgoshop..

  16. hey..pls email me too. thanks

  17. OMG! I am also a same victim like u! I had the exactly same situation like u!n she doesn't even bank in the amount to me after i told her d amount n my bank account number!

  18. Please email me too..

  19. hi i know which blog your talking about i bought from her to on lowyat spent rm258! but i got a refund cause i got her number and asked her. email me to confirm if i have the right blog in mind i can give you her telephone number and email and if you sms her and ask for a refund it would be better that's how i got my refund.

  20. omg, i dunno if u're talking about the same website i came across..i almost wanted to buy the items but something in me told me not too..gosh..

    plz let me know the blogshop name, thanks.