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My Closing Down Purchase

Spotted a skirt on a site that was having a closing down sale. I can't resist a good bargain, so I banked the money in and received the parcel a few days later.

Lo and behold, the skirt had a few defects. Not stains or washable smudges, but noticeable SHREDS, about 6cm long. The kind of slits that are parallel to the thread of the fabric.

I'm not sure as to whether I should let the seller know about the issue. What can be done even if I told her? What say you?


  1. just tell her i guess. At least there is a possibility she may refund but at least she knows she cannot get away easily with selling defected items whether deliberate/accidentally?

  2. it happened to me before too. Difference was, it wasnt a spree! i paid the normal price and got a defected skirt. But i never complaint cause that was my first online purchase and i was new to the thing and all.

    i regretted wasting my money as RM39 bucks worth of cloth is still stuffed somewhere in my closet.

    so i think you better let the seller know :) dont waste good money

  3. which blog is this? email me pls

  4. yeah i agree with anon #1. always let them know cos if not then they'll think that its ok to do stuff like that.